Under 15 Football

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U15 Soccer 1959Under 15 Soccer 1959?

Photo supplied by P Butterfield

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U15 Soccer 1959Under 15 Soccer 1959

Back (L to R)

Ormiston, Bannister, Pearson, Woolner, Marshall, Thornton, Arundel, Mr Reynolds

Front (L to R)

Tetley, Pearman, Turner, Rutter, Clark, Bean




U15 Soccer 1959/60Under 15 Soccer 1960

Back L to R:

Mr Wess, Marshall B, Newsholme, Butterfield, Marshall C, Bean, Pearson, Jowett, Mr Reynolds.

Front L to R:

Pearman, Dewhirst, Clark, Tiffany, Trigg



1960 School Magazine Report

Under 15 XI - P 15  W 6  D 4  L 5  GF 37  GA 27

Under 15 Res - P 10  W 4  D 0  L 6  GF 19  GA 26

The Under 15s are still in the doldrums, a long way from the pre-eminence they enjoyed so consistently a few years ago. They finished about in the middle of the Section ’A’ league table. Congratulations to Chris Marshall on being selected as reserve goalkeeper for the Bradford Boys’ team and commiserations to Stuart Clark and Brian Marshall both of whom, we think, might have been chosen but weren’t.

The Under 15 reserves found life difficult, lacking years and weight. Time, we hope, will supply both.


U15 Soccer 1960/61Under 15 Soccer 1961

Back L to R:

Conroy, Matthews, Butterfield, Longbottom, Newsholme, Mirfield

Front L to R:

Sutcliffe, Bannister, Marshall, Boocock, Stewart.





U15 Soccer 1960/61Under 15 Soccer  ‘B’ 1961

Back L to R:

Mr Tomlinson, Barker, Swales, Dibb, ?, Hill,Lightowlers, Mr Wess.

Front L to R:

?, Sellers, ?, Hornsby, Willey (?), Avis, Watkins.



1961 School Magazine Report

Under 15 XI - P 16  W 13  L 1  D 2  GF 84  GA 23

Under 15 Res - P 14  W 13  L 1  D 0  GF 61  GA 20

The pride of place this year must go to the Under 15 team, winners of Section ‘A’ in the Bradford Schools’ League and holders of the League Cup.

The high point of an excellent season was their display at Valley Parade when they beat Tyersal 4-1 in the League Cup Final. There can have been few Grange teams to have bettered this showing. Grange pressed strongly throughout the first half, but a stout Tyersal defence, bad luck and wild shooting kept the score down to a modest one, scored by Marshall, and even this was nullified just before the interval when a goalkeeping error presented a gift chance to our opponents during one of their rare visits to the Grange end of the field. But any doubts we may have had were soon set at rest by a fine second half display which brought goals from Bannister and Conroy. The forwards throughout were skilful and penetrative, with Bannister always a danger in the centre but I made the man of the match Butterfield, whose strength in the tackle and constructive support of his forwards were constant features.

A special word of praise must go to Brian Marshall, who as captain set his team a fine example of skill and sportsmanship throughout the season and who played for the Bradford team throughout their fine run in the English Schools’ Trophy.

There is an old football saying that a team is as good as its reserves; if that is true, a glance at the record of the Under 15 reserves will explain the first team’s success. Only one match lost and over sixty goals scored. A majority of this team will be available next year, so the future outlook is very rosy. Mr Wess’s lunchtime coaching sessions have obviously made a big difference to the team’s understanding and confidence, and we are offering him a long-term contract as team manager.



U15 Soccer 1961/62Under 15 Soccer  1961-62

Back L to R:

J Barker, Mr Wess, P Tate, A Rowntree, D Gomersall, D Watkins, A Barraclough. B Kellett, D Metcalfe, A Ogden, Mr Steels, K Soames

Front L to R:

J Wharton, R Stewart, B Bannister, B Conroy (capt), A Mirfield, M Marshall, K Rutter


1962 School Magazine Report

Under Fifteen Football, 1961 – 2 Season

Having made the mistake of not being ready for the fray last year and as a result losing a couple of early games, we ensured a better start to the season by subjecting the possible to many practices. The result was keen understanding and a reasonable balance throughout the season, which was maintained for the whole season. Often we played teams that could ''out kick'' us, some which could ''out football'' us; fortunately none that could combine these two assets.

Only nineteen boys played during the season and of these two, Barker and Stewart, could only play until Christmas because of their ages. Conroy, the Captain of the side, had a cartilage operation, from which he made a remarkable recovery, missing only four games. Watkins, who had been pressed into goalkeeping by one of McIvor's absences, kept his place and played brilliantly until he had to have his leg encased in plaster because of knee trouble. The only ever present in the team was Mirfield, who incidentally missed only one game during the previous season.

In the ''Honours List'' pride of place must go to Bruce Bannister, the first Grange boy ever to have an International Trial. Unfortunately he missed the first trial as a result of "flu" and when given his chance played only a second half for a team with a 5-0 deficit against what proved to be the England team. He also played for Yorkshire four times and in all the Bradford Schoolboys games. Conroy and Mirfield also played for the Schoolboys; and Michael Marshall, Stewart and McIvor have all been reserves for this team. Roantree and Gomersal are are both members for the City Colts (under 14 ) team.

In general the whole season's results are excellent. Sometimes the team was slow to get into its stride but only twice did they fail to win in twenty – seven matches. Bannister and Marshall, the main spearheads, scored 101 goals between them. Yet every member of the regular team scored on at least one occasion, with the exception of the goalkeepers.

The highlight of the season, not any one of the finals but the 10 – 1 defeat of the old enemy Belle Vue on their ground was probably the best exhibition I shall see if I run this team for the next fifty years.

The Finals

October 23 . The City Supporters Trophy, versus Buttershaw.

Played under floodlights, this game was typical of many during the season…. A slow start followed by a goal rush, Buttershaw scored a fine goal after only five minutes play and this stung the team into a fine display of clever football in which the ball seldom left the Buttershaw half of the field. The final score was 8 – 1. In this victory it is hard to pick individuals for praise; perhaps Marshall, who kept the forwards moving with clever defence splitting passes or Barker, who scored the second and third goals which broke Buttershaw's resistance, are most worthy.

Scorers: Bannister 2, Barker 2, Stewart 2, Marshall 1 and Kellett.

May 1 . The Schools Cup, versus Tyersal

On this occasion it took the team twenty minutes to find its feet, no doubt the effect of three weeks without a competitive game. Our first goal was scored after twenty two minutes, when the first real attack ended with Bannister being fouled in the penalty area and Marshall scored from the spot. The second goal also was the result of a foul: this time Bannister headed home Marshall's free kick in a most brilliant manner. Just before half time Bannister scored again with his head from a very good centre by Kellett. In the second half we once more got on top and Bannister and Marshall added further goals, This was another excellent all – round display with each member of the team playing his part magnificently. Conroy at centre half kept the Tyersal forwards completely at bay, and Bannister and Marshall scored goals worthy of a Wembley final.

May 3rd, Walter French Trophy, versus Eccleshill.

This was the hardest game of all the finals. The game two days before had taken the edge off the team. Eccleshill, with their clever football, proved a tricky nut to crack. Nevertheless, Bannister scored the first goal of the game, heading home Kellett's corner. This was slightly against the run of play and Eccleshill soon replied when a lob into the goal caught McIvor too far out and all he could do was push the ball upwards into the roof of the net. With two minutes to go to half time, Marshall scored a clever goal, flicking the ball over the goalkeeper from close in, Bannister having put him through. After half time we soon went further ahead, Bannister scoring after a good left wing movement. Unfortunately, shortly after this Conroy our centre half and captain was injured, but though obviously in pain refused to stay off the field and spent the last twenty five minutes of play on the left wing. The reorganised defence hung on grimly and several players who had not revealed their normal form showed signs of their true ability. And the depleted often looked dangerous. An examination of Conroy's ankle revealed a broken bone. Nevertheless the team had completed the "hat – trick" and put the final touches to a very successful season.

Games Played

League and Cups 27 Won 25 Lost 1 Drawn 1 For 147 Against 32