1957 School Magazine Report

1956 was a year of only moderate success as far as playing results were concerned, and not for the first time it was left to the Under 15 side to salvage our wilting soccer reputation.. Again they achieved the splendid performance of the “double” appearing at Valley Parade and Park Avenue to win both the cup and league competitions. Our congratulations go to the captain, Joe Yeadon and his team and also to Mr Reynolds whose able and enthusiastic direction is an important factor in the team’s continued success.

Although the present season is not yet over, it is unfortunately already assured that last year’s triumph will not be repeated, for although we are still in the running for league honours, we were eliminated from the cup in the first round. Our conquerors were Belle Vue, a team we would have preferred to meet much later in the competition - perhaps the final!. We were unlucky in that we had to field 3 reserves in this important game, and though we held our own for most of the match, defensive mistakes - excusable on a frost-bound ground - presented Belle Vue with 2 late goals.

The Senior team played 19 games, won 5, lost 8, while the Second Eleven “broke even” winning 5, losing 5 and drawing 2 of their 12 games. It seems that our senior teams are unlikely to do much better until our 6th form becomes numerically stronger and more athletically inclined; however good a 15 or 16 year old player may be he is almost certain to be at a disadvantage when against boys a year or 2 his senior. An exception was David Kitson, who shone in any company, was our sole representative in the City team to play Glasgow, and received his full colours along with Overend and Marshall.

Honours also escaped the Under 13 team during 1956. As members of Section “E” of the Schools’ League their record was: played 12, won 7, lost 3, drawn 2. Hanson, who won the section, deservedly beat us twice, but other points were thrown away as a result of poor forward play. The defence, with Kernall and Riddlesden outstanding, was usually very sound. The Under 13 reserves had an enjoyable first season and finished second to Carlton in their league, winning 10 and drawing 1 of their 14 matches.

This current season we have done a little better, but still not well enough, and we appear likely to finish as runners-up to Belle Vue who have beaten us twice in the league and once in the 3rd round of the City Supporters’ Cup - this in a replay after we had held them to a 3-3 draw on our own ground. Paul Holdsworth has given a fine lead as captain and if all showed his thrust and energy we should be invincible. Turner and Arundel have shown particular promise and David King has been the most effective forward.

For most of the season we have missed the services of our outside-left, Michael Kelly, who unfortunately has had to enter Middleton Hospital. We send him our best wishes for a quick and complete recovery. The same wish also goes to Joe Yeadon, who has has also had a long spell in hospital.

Reverting for a moment to the Under 15s, we must congratulate Yeadon, Stowell and Robinson on their selection to the City Boys’ team of 1956 and Stowell, Robinson and Garside who have been similarly honoured this year.

1959 School Magazine Report

Under 13 XI - P 17  W 12  L 4  D 1 GF 67  GA 18

Under 13 Res - P 12  W 7  L 4  D 1  GF 37  GA 13

The Under 13s flattered to deceive. Eleven good individual players somehow just failed to blend into a successful team. Covering weaknesses in defence gave away some vital goals. The attack often moved fluently, with Marshall the presiding genius. Future prospects are bright, with some good material in the first forms - notably Sellers and Bannister. The latter should go a long way as a centre forward if he doesn’t talk himself to death in the meantime.

Grange on film

We are greatly indebted to Richard Walker (Grange ‘54 er) for providing a copy of cine film taken 50 years ago.

The original cine film was taken by Ian Porchetta.

Featured first is the annual School v. Staff football match.

Mr “Big Jim” Mitchell puts in a vintage performance but do you recognise others from this match? Did you play in this match? If you can provide more information please let us know.

Secondly, the senior students are practising their “skills” at Horsfall Playing Fields. Happy memories?

Again, if you have more information, including names of participants, let us know!

Staff v. School - 1961.

School clear winners, 6 - 2.

Players we can recognise:

Mosley, Boldy, King, Ormiston, Wilkinson, Bannister, Tordoff, Porchetta

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Staff Match 1961

Football on the school field (photos kindly supplied by Derek Stott)

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Jim Humphries: