Senior Cricket

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Senior Cricket XI 1961 (?)Senior Cricket XI 1961 (?)

Back (L to R)

?, Rimmington, Bannister, Pearson, Watts, Bean, Moore and Mr A Clarke

Front (L to R)

Cousins, Dewhirst, Hughes, Emsley, Birch, Wilkinson



Senior Cricket XI 1962Senior Cricket XI 1962

Back (L to R)

Mr Clarke, Foster, Whittingham, Butterfield, Ormiston, Newsholme, Clark

Front (L to R)

Tiffany, Bannister, Hughes, Barrett, Sellars, Boldy, Holmes



Senior Cricket XI 1962Senior Cricket XI 1962

Back (L to R)

Scorer ?, Arnott, Cousins, Lightowlers, Roberts, Newsholme, Dewhirst, Scorer ?

Front - seated (L to R)

Close, Dibb, Bannister (Bruce), Wilkinson, Bannister (Billy), Sellars, Shaw.


1962 Season Report

The rain seemed particularly to follow our First Team about, for on several Saturdays the record book states, first team games were cancelled due to the weather whilst the second team, a few miles away, were playing and winning their matches.The First Eleven had 8 games on their fixture list and the weather interfered with all but 3. Of these, 2 were won quite easily - against Hanson and Aireborough - and the 3rd, against Belle Vue, emphatically lost.It was a shame so few games were finished because the team looked a good one, with Boldy, Butterfield, Bannister W and Roberts able to mount a hostile and varied attack, and Whittingham, Foster and Bannister B to give a lead to the batting. They showed their potential clearly in the Staff match when the masters this time were well and truly routed.The 2nds had a rather more satisfying season, winning 4 games and losing only 1. Again it was Belle Vue who caused our only downfall.

Senior Cricket XI 1963Senior Cricket XI 1963

Back (L to R)

?, Mr A Clarke, ?, Johnson, Cousins, Roberts, Foster, Northin, Arnott,Barraclough

Front - seated (L to R)

Bannister (Billy), ?, Tiffany, Butterfield, Dewhirst, Bannister (Bruce), Watkins, Cousins

Senior Cricket XI 1964Senior Cricket XI 1964

Back Row (L to R)

Scorer ?, Northin, Newsholme, Wilson, Sunderland, Khan, Barraclough, Mr A Clarke

Front Row (L to R)

Cousins, Ogden, Butterfield, Birch, Hammerton



Senior Cricket 1964Senior Cricket 1964

Back Row (L to R):

Scorer ?, Birch, Sunderland, ?, Barraclough, Wilson, Roantree, Mr Clarke

Front Row (L to R):

Close, Taylor, Wood, Hammerton, Johnson




1964 Season Report

1st XI - P 7  W 5  D 2  L 0

2nd XI - P 5  W 3  D 0  L 2

U15s - P 7  W 5  D 0  L 2

U13s - P8  W 8  D 0  L 0

The First Eleven were a very likely-looking company indeed, as their record suggests. Butterfield and Les Cousins used the new ball with skill, both having the sense to prefer accuracy and effective use of the seam to mere speed. Birch and Sunderland also did well with the ball on occasion; Bannister’s all-round ability was valuable. Peter Foster led the way with the bat, with useful support, stylish or stolid or swashbuckling according to temperament, from Khan, Northin and Sunderland.

Full colours were awarded to Butterfield, Ogden, Bannister, Foster, Birch and Cousins.

Half colours went to Arnott, Broadbent, Khan, Northin, Roantree, Sunderland, Barraclough, Johnson I, Newsholme, McMillan, Wilson and Wood.