Old Site Today

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Old SiteThe original Grange building. Grange moved to its new site, off St Enoch’s Road, in the late 1960s. Remember all the promises of a new school at every Speech Day? The promise was kept, but after we left!

In the late 1960s and early 70s Bradford reorganised its educational system. Firstly, there was the introduction of junior high schools (11-13) quickly followed by a new 3-tier system of First, Middle and Upper schools. The old Grange site was occupied by Waverley Middle School, one of Bradford’s largest, using both the old Boys’ and Girls’ schools. This use continued for about 30 years until 2000 before Bradford, once again, reorganised its educational system and reverted to 2-tiers (primary and secondary). The site is now occupied by Farnham Primary School.

Old SiteView from Stratford Road down the line of the old dirt track that led to Spencer Road and the Playing Fields.

The building on the right would have been occupied by the Staff Room, Cloakroom and Art Room. Further along would have been the Hut, long since gone.

In the distance can be seen the end wall of the Annexe where many of us started our First Year at Grange.Up to the left is the “Tip”, now occupied by many modern buildings.


Old SiteView of the schoolyard.

The main building is in the background to the right. The newer, lower building to the left occupies the site of the old outside classrooms (previously shelters) and the outside toilets.

The Hut (3 classrooms) would have occupied the lower, right side of the photograph. I seem to remember that Mr Pollard’s rusty, old bike was once found on the roof of the Hut.

Old SiteView looking down Stratford Road towards the school. The dining hall would have been on the left. The area behind the street sign was where we often played football - this was behind the dining hall.




Old SiteView down Spencer Road with a modern building on the “Tip” up to the right. Traffic is now diverted right into Farnham Road with a pedestrianised section where the schools are.




Old SiteView of the yard with the caretaker’s house in the centre. Immediately beyond it was the entrance to the Chemistry room, Metalwork, Woodwork and Music room. Beyond that entrance was the ramp down to the Gym. On the left is the Annexe.




Old SiteView of the old junior school yard with the back of the music room on the right. Beyond that were steps down to the old changing rooms used before the new building on the field. Further back is the old swimming baths.




Old SiteView down Spencer Road, now pedestrianised, with the old Grange Juniors to the right.





Old SiteModern view of the “Tip” with, mainly, the old Grange Juniors behind.





Old SiteView of the school field, looking through the gate. Large building now occupying the old junior pitch.





Old SiteView down Farnham Road towards Spencer Road, with the “Tip” on the right.





Grange revisited

11 April, 2008

Les Cousins, Ian Johnson, Richard Darke, David Mitchell and Graham Butterfield visited the old school (now Farnham Primary).

We were warmly welcomed by Cherrill Jones, the Office Manager, who took us round. The school underwent a major refurbishment in 1994 and, therefore, the changes from our day are massive. The school utilises buildings from what had been both the boys’ and girls’ schools.  Despite the changes, the memories came flooding back.

Towards the end of our visit we were introduced to the Headteacher, Richard Edwards, who produced 2 large aerial photos of the area that had been found in a cupboard. One was of the 1960s and we were able to point out various features which have long since gone.

Our thanks go to Cherrill Jones and to Mr Edwards for providing such a lovely walk down memory lane.

Here is a slideshow of photographs taken during the reunion (click on the symbol Fullscreenin the bottom right hand corner of the slideshow to view a full screen slideshow):