House Competition 1956-59

1956 House Competition


East House showed their all-round ability by winning all three trophies. The final result was:


1957-58 House Competition


East House made a clean sweep again, winning the Harding Shield, the Hayes Trophy for work and the Old Boys’ Cup for sport.The final result was:

East 235.88
South 228.72
North 210.54
Centre 204.77
West 107.87

1958-59 House Competition


East 40
South 36.67
Centre 23.33
North 23.33
West 10.00

It was not surprising to see East House go through the senior competition undefeated, since their team included all four of our representatives in the Bradford Grammar Schools’ v. Glasgow Schools game - Kitson, Lawson, Peel and Riddlesden.


A lovely sunny day made the House Sports at Horsfall in May an enjoyable event. South were the victors here, with North runners up.

Standards were not very high for the most part, but 3 new records were set up. Pearman ran the Middles half-mile in 2 mins 21 secs; Peel returned 4 mins 51.6 secs for the Senior mile; and South Juniors ( Briggs, Fisher, Hanson and Barker) broke the Junior relay record with a time of 59.5 secs

South 20
North 17.65
Centre 16.86
Eas t13.23
West 11.67

Cross Country

West 10
East 9.63
North 9.00
Centre 6.26
South 6.16

This, run over our usual course on a cool, dull morning towards the end of the Easter term, was another enjoyable event - for the spectators at least! There were not many spectators, apart from the staff and the course markers, for our policy is to have every boy who is medically fit out on the course. Those who are built for comfort rather than speed have our sympathy; but we feel less kindly towards the small minority who could run but don’t try.

Individual placings were:

Seniors: 1st Peel, 2nd M Mitchell, 3rd Wardman.

Middles: 1st Pearman, 2nd Hudson, 3rd Holmes.

Juniors: 1st Thorp, 2nd Firth, 3rd Marshall.

It was good to see West at the top, for a change.


The House Swimming Gala was held at Windsor Baths.

5 records were broken. Bennett swam the quarter mile in 5 mins 57.6 secs and also set up a new record for the Middles breast stroke; Mitchell beat the existing best time for the Juniors breast stroke by .8 secs; Johnson won the Middles freestyle in 17.2 secs; and East House broke the record to win the medley squadron.

South 70
East 68
North 61.5
Centre 58.5
West 26

1958-59 Final Results:

Harding Shield
East 241.06
North 227.96
South 227.55
Centre 206.47
West 179.74

Hayes Trophy (for work)
North 129.81
Centre 123.85
South 122.49
East1 19.40
West1 18.67

Old Boys’ Cup (for sport)
East1 22.20
South 105.06
North 91.48
Centre 82.65
West 61.27