House Competition 1959-61

1959-60 House Competition


South 1st

East 2nd

West 3rd

North 4th =

Centre 4th =


East 1st

North 2nd

Centre 3rd

South 4th

West 5th


South 1st

North 2nd

Centre 3rd

East 4th

West 5th

Cross Country






The individual Cross Country results:

Seniors: 1. Wardman 2. S Tate 3. Lucas 4. Riddlesden

Middles: 1. Holmes 2. Chapman 3. Jennings 4. Dunwell

Juniors: 1. Firth 2. Bannister 3. Sherwin 4. Thompson

As before, all ran who were not able to provide documentary evidence to prove their unfitness, We sympathise with a small boy who begged to be excused because running made him short of breath; but he chose the wrong Housemaster to try this one on.

1959-60 Result

Harding Shield

South 1st

North 2nd

East 3rd

Centre 4th

West 5th

North won the Hayes Trophy (for work)

South won the Old Boys’ Cup (for sport)


1960-61 House Competition


East 40

Centre 27.50

West 12.50

South 12.50

North 7.50


North 20

Centre 19.87

East 17.99

South 17.32

West 17.12

Cross Country

North 10

East 9.14

Centre 7.96

South 6.56

West 4.93

The individual Cross Country results:

Seniors: 1. Holmes 2. Jennings 3. Lucas 4. Riddlesden

Middles: 1. Stewart & Bannister, dead heat 3. Thorp 4. Conroy

Juniors: 1. Thompson 2. Taylor 3. Murie 4. Rhodes

The character who fell out for a smoke during his “walk” round discovered the next day that tobacco can sometimes produce a reddened backside as well as brown fingers.


East 20

North 17.36

South 15.54

Centre 12.56

West 10.58

A great many records were broken in this year’s Gala. This is to be expected; we are only in the second year of the new age-groupings, so standards are hardly fixed as yet. K Bennett set up 3 new records and M Bateman 2 in the Under 15 races. Vinette broke 2 Under 15 records and M Bennett and G Green also set up new best times in their races. New records were also set up in 3 squadron races.

1960-61 Result

Harding Shield

East 237.28

Centre 218.57

North 214.86



Hayes Trophy (work)

North 130

Centre 116.40

East 115.88

South 115.66


Old Boys’ Cup (sport)

East 121.40

Centre 102.17

North 84.86

South 67.48

West 63.95