Senior Football

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Senior Soccer 1960/61Senior Soccer 1961

Back (L to R)

Dewhirst, Aspinall, R Pearson, Bannister, A Pearson, Mr Clarke

Front (L to R)

Hughes, King, Ormiston, Riddlesden, Clark, Bean, Boldy


Senior Soccer 1961/62Senior Soccer 1962

Back (L to R):

Marshall, Hughes, Butterfield, Mr Clarke, Dewhirst, Pearson, Newsholme

Front (L to R):

King, Ormiston, Wilkinson, Bannister, Clark, Boldy, Aspinall


1962 School Magazine Report

Senior Team 1st XI - P 15  W 4  D 1  L 10  GF 29  GA 64

Senior Team 2nd XI - P 13  W 5  D 1  L 7  GF 36  GA 29

Sadly, it seems that the days have gone when we could write in glowing terms of the School First Team. Perhaps it’s natural - and even commendable - that our Sixth Formers should cease to be so single-minded about chasing a football. It may well be as they get older they discover life offers other things to chase. One who didn’t lose his keenness was captain Billy Bannister. His appointment as captain pleased us; a good, whole-hearted footballer, he is bound to suffer from inevitable comparisons with younger brother and infant prodigy Bruce, which is like comparing me to with Neville Cardus, Shakespeare and other great sports writers of the past. The team’s first problem was to find a goalkeeper; one which was not solved until Peter “try-anything-once” Wilkinson found a flat cap and made the position his own - and he had a busy season. Brian Marshall and Stuart Clark were two skilful and hard-working forwards, but both were a bit small for this class of football. Ormiston is said to be capable of good football when he does not allow himself to become involved in some private vendetta; Doug Bean performed manfully in defence; one or two of the bigger fifth-formers like Newsholme and Butterfield proved useful additions. But all in all the team never quite made the grade.

The Second Team did rather better. Boldy was captain and centre half. A number of last year’s Under 15s helped the forwards to play some quite effective football on occasions - a 7-0 win over Hanson and a 7-2 defeat at Leeds Central suggests so, at least.

1963 School Magazine Report

Senior Team 1st XI - P 10  W 6  L 2  D 2

Senior Team 2nd XI - P 9  W 6  L 3  D 0

The 1962-63 season was badly affected by the weather.

It was particularly unfortunate that the First Team’s programme was curtailed because it seemed as likely a side as we had had for some time. It was an unusually young team; 4 sprightly 5th Formers (Kellett, Marshall, Bannister B and Barker) in the forwards with only Father William to keep them in order. It is hoped that he did better in this connection than some of us did in more academic contexts. Behind them, 6th Formers Bean (Capt.) and Pearson lent a little more weight and dignity to the proceedings. Dignity is hardly the first word that springs to mind when one considers Newsholme but most of the other necessary adjuncts of full back play he possessed in abundance. He was partnered by Mirfield (5A) whose speed and strong left foot more than compensated for his tender years. Watkins (5C) kept goal for most of the season until replaced by Barraclough, who seized his chance well enough to warrant inclusion, along with Bruce Bannister and Brian Marshall, in the Bradford team to play Glasgow.

Full colours were awarded to: Bean, B Bannister, W Bannister, Barker, Conroy, Dewhurst, Hornsby, B Marshall, Mirfield, Newholme and Pearson.

Half colours were awarded to: Aspinall, Barraclough, Boldy, Butterfield, Kellett, M Marshall, Ogden, Smith, Soames, Tate, Tiffany, Watkins, Whatton and Willey.

1964 School Magazine Report

1st XI - P 15  W 7  D 1  L 7  GF 29  GA 31

2nd XI - P 13  W 3  D 1  L 9  GF 29  GA 44

A moderate season only for the Senior Team, who started disastrously by losing 4 matches in a row but recovered later to come within an ace of appearing in the final of the Grammar Schools’ Competition, losing 2-1 to Belle Vue in the semi-final after a close games needing extra time. Our strength lay chiefly in defence, where Keith Hornsby as captain gave a good lead and received strong support particularly from Newsholme and Roantree. Among the forwards a good many changes were rung in an effort to find a more penetrative combination. 5th Formers Brown and Gomersall were our most consistent performers. Full colours were awarded to: Hornsby, Butterfield, Barraclough, Gomersall, Newsholme, Ogden, Mirfield, Roantree and second team captain Wetherell. Half colours were awarded to : Hayhurst, Crosby, Robertshaw, Taylor, Shaw, Brown, Khan, Narey, Stabb, Tate, Wood and Hardaker.

Congratulations to Graham Butterfield chosen to represent Bradford Grammar Schools in the annual match against Glasgow, played this year at Park Avenue, and Angus Barraclough, selected as reserve. Butterfield, although playing out of position on the left wing, scored a fine goal to level the score at 3 all, and almost won the game with a spectacular header minutes later.

Senior Soccer 1963/64Senior Soccer 1964

Back L to R:

Roantree, ?, Ogden, ?, Birch, Johnson, Mr Clarke

Front L to R:

Khan, Hammerton, Brown, Taylor, Wood



Senior Soccer 1964/5Senior Soccer 1964/5

A senior soccer team of 1964-65, provided by Miles Ramsden, who taught at Grange from September 1963 to December 1967, and assisted Alan Clarke.






Our First Team captain, Keith Hornsby, continued his sporting exploits after leaving Grange by joining Airedale Harriers and playing for Salts AFC. Can you spot Keith in the photo below?

Hornsby Salts