Grange on film

We are greatly indebted to Richard Walker (Grange ‘54 er) for providing a copy of cine film taken 50 years ago.

The original cine film was taken by Ian Porchetta.

Featured first is the annual School v. Staff football match in 1961. Mr “Big Jim” Mitchell puts in a vintage performance but do you recognise others from this match? Did you play in this match? If you can provide more information please let us know.

This looks like the same match shown by the photo below.

Secondly, the senior students are practising their “skills” at Horsfall Playing Fields. Happy memories? Again, if you have more information, including names of participants, let us know.



Staff v. Sixth Form 1961

Staff v. 6th Form


Back row: Geoff Mosley, Barry Riddlesden, Adrian Boldy, Dave King, Rod Ormiston, John Hughes, Craven

Front row: Peter Wilkinson, Bill Bannister, Anthony Tordoff, Ian Porchetta