Clubs & Societies 1957-58

1957 Magazine Reports

The Film Society

Last summer we lost our greatest enthusiast and supporter when Mr Walker left the school. As our founder president, he spared neither time nor effort to help us on our way, being equally happy at the top of a ladder suspending a speaker from the ceiling or presiding over our weekly gatherings. In fact, in this capacity, he was as familiar to our members as the uniformed commissionaire at the door of their local cinema. Mr Walker has now joined the staff at Dewsbury Technical College and all the best wishes of the Film Society are extended to him.Our 3rd season has just concluded and the progress made prompts us to look forward to the next with eager anticipation. The acoustical defects of the hall have been our greatest handicap in the past and have demanded all our attentions. Now we can happily report that these difficulties have been resolved. Thus we can spend more time broadening our activities and, as a help in this respect, we would like to enrol every boy in the school, especially 5th and 6th formers. Attendance at only 4 or 5 of our meetings would amply justify the expenditure.Our programmes are always carefully chosen so as to present a varied and interesting selection of educational and entertaining films. £80 were devoted to this purpose during the last season and we would have been greatly in debt if the Bring and Buy Fair of last March had not received the enthusiastic patronage of parents, friends and boys. In recording our thanks, we also wish to include the Headmaster, members of staff and wives for their support at all times; the caretaker for the warmth of our meetings and his patient assistance, and the Educational Department for their ready cooperation.

The Chess Club

Chess continues to be a popular game and the Chess Club, supervised by Mr Reynolds, continues to meet in Room 3 on Friday evenings. The usual knock-out tournament has been held and the “Silver King” was won by Shaw of 5Sc.


Last April a brave group of 6th formers took part in a Schools Debating Competition organised on a national scale by the Federal Educational and Research Trust. The Yorkshire section was held in Channing Hall, and there were 3 Grange “pairs”, Wright and Harris, Hayes and Warren and Nelson and Gration, who did battle with teams from Belle Vue, Bingley Grammar and St Peter’s, York.The motion for debate was: “That the United Nations should be empowered to create an International Police Force to replace national military forces”.

It soon became clear that our boys lacked the debating skill of some of their opponents, but all stuck to their guns manfully. Wright, proposing the motion, seemed to present the most reasoned case, while Nelson, who had to speak against it, impressed as our most confident speaker.

All the speakers enjoyed themselves and the experience the evening brought them will be extremely valuable. Even though we did not win , we can derive some satisfaction from knowing that one of our conquerors, the Bingley team, went forward to take 1st place in the London finals - a splendid achievement.

In school, debating continues at rather a low level - in the fornightly meetings of the Junior Debating Society  which meets under the supervision of Mr Gibson and Mr Hardcastle. We have had straightforward debates, a “Balloon Debate”, discussions and impromptu speeches, and a good time has been had by all. Membership seems to be limited for some reason to 2 forms - 1B and 1H. We would like to see more junior boys from Forms 1, 2 and 3 at these meetings - the more the merrier.

Table Tennis

A staff team of Messrs Clarke, Tordoff, Jones and Tempest played against the different houses as part of an unofficial house competition. The staff finished 1st in the “A” teams and 2nd in the “B” teams.

There were 86 entries in the knock-out competition, each paying 6d to be used to purchase a trophy for the annual competition. Peel and Lawson (4Sc) and Kitson and Petersons (5Sc) won their way into the semi-finals. Petersons defeated Peel in the final by 21-15, 19-21 and 21-11.Our thanks go to Mr Jones for his efficient and enthusiastic organisation of all table tennis fixtures.

1958 Magazine Reports

Chess Club

The Chess Club is still flourishing and is now in session on Monday, Wednesday and Friday dinner times as well as on Friday evenings. Although there have been no activities other than the ‘Silver King’ knock-out tournament, we are hoping to join the Bradford Schools’ Chess League in the near future.The tournament aroused enthusiasm among 65 boys and was won by JD Hargreaves of 4 Arts, in a desperate and prolonged struggle against IG Fox of 6 A.

Junior Debating Society

The Society meets fortnightly throughout the year, except for the summer term. Attendances have fluctuated somewhat, the average ‘house’ consisting of 15 to 20 boys.We have had a varied programme, formal debates alternating with lighter evenings. We have had evenings of impromptu speeches, panel games, public speaking competitions for teams of 3, discussions and a balloon debate. At this last, the youthfulness of the house was indicated by its decision to throw overboard Miss Marilyn Monroe as the passenger they had no use for.

Among some of the major decisions arrived at during the year were that we were anxious, almost to a man to travel through space, were appalled by the thought of co-education, and thought the present the best possible time in which to be living.

Speakers are gaining in confidence, but still lack polish and politeness in argument. “Is it ‘eck!” or “Get lost, Pickup!” is no way of disposing of an opponent’s point!

Dramatic Society

We are glad to say that the Dramatic Society is now functioning again and the 2 one-act plays it performed at the end of the Easter term gave both performers and audience much enjoyment. We hope that next year we may attempt something a little more ambitious. We have discovered 2 keen and competent producers in Mr Jackson and Mr Fisher; Mr Jones is an expert stage manager; Mr Green in the Art department and Mr Blackhurst and his colleagues can solve all scenic problems; we shall soon have as much equipment as we need; all we require are actors - so forward, you future Oliviers!

Film Society

The Society has just completed its 4th and best season. Membership has been greater than before and we have also welcomed the 5th and 6th forms of the Girls’ School. Many first rate full-length films were included in the programme, as well as a varied selection of interesting and educational ‘shorts’.

The financial prospects are not good. It is true that we have a very small bank balance, but during the past 2 years we have been subsidised by our successful 1965 Bring and Buy sale. These funds are now exhausted, and as each season’s expenditure is approximately £80, we are urgently in need of new sources of income. For this reason a woollen rag collection is in progress and we invite the help of all the school.

Our President, Mr Marsh, who succeeded Mr Walker, left us last summer, and thus Friday meetings have been presided over by members of the committee in turn.

We are anticipating added support next season, especially from 5th and 6th form boys. More members mean better programmes and present members are asked not only to renew their own subscriptions, but to endeavour to enrol other boys as well.

Table Tennis

House competitions and the individual competitions have been played as usual, the standard of play being much improved. Many more boys entered the knock-out competition, which revealed hidden talent in many unexpected places. This increased proficiency did not prevent Petersons from proving himself once more the champion in a 21-15, 21-6 victory over Mr Jackson, who had played a very entertaining semi-final against Boldy. It is no disgrace to lose against Petersons; we noted with interest in the local press the other day that he has just become Bradford Junior Champion and was also runner-up in the Youth Championships. Congratulations!

Several members of staff entered the school contest but they ‘retired gracefully’ after giving good account of themselves.