1961 Trip

Konigssee, Bavaria - Summer 1961

Eagle's NestThis resort, with lake, is located in the far south-east of Bavaria, close to the Austrian border. The town of Berchtesgarden is close by. This had associations with Hitler who had his mountain  retreat there. We went to the’Eagle’s Nest’ but were rather disappointed to see all evidence of Hitler’s occupation removed! It had been converted into a restaurant/cafe.


KonigsseeThe hotel was near the lake and we went swimming a few times. Being fed by mountain streams it was, of course, absolutely freezing. The hotel, as I remember, was rather picture-postcard-ish, mainly timber-built. The rooms would be rather basic and the washbasins stuck out from the walls with no further support. Bruce Bannister leaned on his rather too heavily and managed to remove it from the wall!


GrossglocknerThe trip was organised, as always, by Eric Tordoff and we were kept busy throughout. Visits included shopping in Brussels on the outward journey; Salzburg and the Grossglockner Glacier in Austria; a boat trip down the Rhine; down a salt-mine, with slides from level to level.


1961 Germany trip 1961 Germany Trip - very early morning after arriving in Cologne - Kenny Pratt, Bob Roberts and Keith "Fred" Smith.

(Photo kindly provided by Mike Priestley)


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