Form Photos

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1H 19521H October 1952 (Photo supplied by David Dufton)

Back Row L to R: Couzens, T. Wilkinson, Jamieson, Peterson, Winterburn, Elsworth, Dufton.

Middle Row L to R: J S Wilkinson, Smith, Stanley, Scarboro, Muff, Allatt, Baxter.

Front Row L to R: Lee, Holland, Holmes, Shaw, Petchley, Fieldhouse, Sparrow.

Teacher: Dr Skirrow, B.A.


1X 19551X September 1955 (Photo supplied by Geoff Northin)

Mr J Reynolds Form Teacher




1H 1955

1H September 1955 (Photo supplied by P Butterfield)








1B 19551B, September 1955

Back Row (L to R)Craven, ?, Proud or Sowden?, Bennett, ?, King, Price, Wilkinson (not Peter)

Middle Row (L to R)Kelly, Sellars, Roberts, Hughes, ?, Parkinson, North?, D King, Woolmer, Kirkaldy

Front Row (L to R)?, Lamb ?, ?, Waite, P Wilkinson, Mr      Tempest, Pacey, Morley, ?, ?, ?

2A 19553A September 1955 (Photo supplied by Phil Brookman)

Back Row: ?; Staveley B.; Grundy D.; Gallagher ; Philpott B. ; Simmonite B.; Brear J.

Middle Row: Aspinall K.; ? ; Moorhouse S.; Tate B.; Clarke G.; ? ; ? ; Bell P.; Brookman P.; Lawn G

Front Row: ? ; Craven ; Blakeley ; Ham R.; Malcolm Swain ; Mr Boothroyd; ? ; Pedder I.; Brown P.; Warren K.; Graves .

2A 1960/612A 1960-61 (Photo supplied by Hector Hill)

Back (L to R): Collinson, Hardaker, ? , Jowett, ? , Gilpin, ? , ? , Todd, Tiffany, Hill, Rogers.

Middle (L to R): Dunbirch, Sunderland, Stanhope, ? , Fanning, Wilkinson, Bateman, Bartell, Corns, ? .

Front (L to R): Thom(p)son, Helliwell, ? , ? , ? , Mr Cheetham, Kestin, ? , ? , Cavanagh, Bullock.


3Sd 1960/613 Sc 1960-61 (Photo supplied by Ian Johnson)

Back(L to R): Briggs ?, Holland J, Holland P, Broadbelt, Bannister, Myatt, Varley, Whatton, Barrett ?, Coultas ?

Middle (L to R): Green, Bateman, Hewitt, McKay, Hart ?, Dodds, Craven, Hullah, ?, Bedford

Front (L to R ): Lee, Horsley, Goodall, Wilson, Leary, Mr Ibbotson, Smith, Wood, Tate, Ripley, Johnson

3M 19603M 1960 (Photo supplied by Rod Ashworth)

Back (L to R): ?, Dufton, Keighley, Ashworth, Watson, ? Lee, Kellet, Illingworth

2nd Row (L to R): Sellar, Rutter, ?, Wheeler, Lee, MacMillan, Blades, ? Northrop, ?

1st Row (L to R): ?, ?, Tennant,?, Lacey,Mr. Humphrey, Rice, Bentley, Cawthray,Wilkinson, Willey


4 Arts 1960/61 4 Arts 1960-61

Back Row (L to R) G Higgins,D Northin, D Ham, M Whittingham, B Hill, M Moore, R Overton, Riley?, K Hornsby, R Thorp, D Fuller, I Illingworth

Middle Row (L to R) D Stott, R Darke, D Swales, G Butterfield, J Gill, G Newholme, S Fisher, I Shaw, J Murray, T Wetherell

Front Row (L to R) R Hardaker, A Woodhead, T Vinette, I Webster, Mr H Bennett, P Foster, M Foster, G Kenzie, P Frost


4Sc 1960/614 SC 1960-61

Back Row (L to R) G Lee, A Johnson, R Searle, D Mitchell, R Shackleton, P Whitehead, G Cummings, R Jennings, J Lawrence, R Wainwright

Middle Row (L to R) H Walker, K Johnson, P Claughton, N Isaacs, S Hartley, G Jowett, J Garside, A Guy, K Firth, ?.

Front Row (L to R) B Stowell, D Leybourne, P Lerman, L Cousins, Wilkinson ?, Mr J Mitchell, G Chapman, J Nunwick,                                                                                        P Jowett, E Close, J Lambert

5Sc 1960/615Sc 1960- 61 (Photo supplied by Doug Bean)

Back (L to R): E Gibbs, R Durrans, M Bramwell, R Farley, A Parker, M Priestley, MC Smith,G Pearman, ES Fox, MS Fox, JR Myers

Middle (L to R): J Nicholls, I Greenwood, AJ Smith, D Bean, R Wellburn, RA Smith,R Sugden, P Hartley, L Sharp

Front (L to R): GR Holdsworth, R Shaw,DG Taylor, Laycock, P Aspinall, Mr Hardcastle, A Walker, A Adams, M Slimming, P Rapin, J Mellor


6 Mod 19606th Form Modern, September 1960

Back Row (L to R) Northin, Overend, Manogue, Price, Whittingham, Brook, Bedford,  Wilkinson P

Middle Row (L to R) Townsend, King, Riddlesden, Ormiston, Higgins, Wood, Hughes, Craven

Front Row (L to R) Hargreaves, Pfeiffer, Barrett, Tordoff, Mr Tordoff, Emsley, Mitchell, Moseley, Campbell.


6SC 19606th Form Science September 1960

Back Row (L to R): Alan Denning, ? , Keith Bennett, David Redman, Peter Riley, Peter Dalby, Richard Walker, Neil ?, Billy Bannister.

Front, L to R: Alan Rudd, Ian Porchetta, ? , Stefan Schmidt, Mr J Edge, Ian Leitch, Adrian Boldy, Harry Atkinson, Robert Kenyon .



Lower Sixth 1961Lower Sixth 1961-62 (Photo supplied by Mike Priestley)

Back Row:- Andre Arnott, Mike Priestley, Bobby Roberts, Tony Smith, Pete Aspinall, Dougie Bean and Martin Bramwell.

Middle Row:- Richard Sugden, Andy Pearson, Barrie Custance,  Ronnie Durrans, Colin Symes, Norman Dewhirst,
Michael "Mid" Slimming, ?? Asquith and ???.
Front Row:- John Myers, Alan Walker, ???, Eddie Ibbotson, Derek Hardcastle, Paul "Oscar" Rapin, David? "Ozzie" Holdsworth, John? Mellor and John Tiffany.

5M 19625M 1962 (Photo supplied by Rod Ashworth)

Back Row (L to R): McIvor, Northrop, Sellar, Rutter, ? Metcalf, Lacey, Blades

3rd Row (L to R): Wilkinson, ? Horseman, Wheeler, Keighley, Rice, Lee, ?

2nd Row (L to R): Kellet, ?, ?, Briggs, Mr. Heywood, Watson, Haslem, ?, Ashworth

1st Row (L to R): Broadbent, Cawthray, Willey, Parkinson, Illingworth


Upper 6th 1963/4Upper Sixth 1963-64

Back Row (L to R) ?, ?, Geoff Jowett, Ken Firth, Stephen Hartley, Les Cousins, Terry Wetherell, Graham Butterfield, Ian Shaw.

Second Row (L to R) John Lawrence, Alan Guy, Mick Whittingham, Gary Kenzie, Richard Darke, Derek Stott, Derek Northin, Graham Cummings, Alan Woodhead, Ken Johnson, Graham Newsholme.

Third Row - seated (L to R) John Lombers, Howard Walker, Philip Whitehead, Philip Lerman, Mr Ibbotson, Mr Hardcastle, Alistair Knight, Barry Birch, Ian Webster, Pete Foster.

Front Row (L to R) Jim Lambert, Dave Ham, Richard Thorp, Eddie Close, Graham Higgins, Ron Hardaker, Richard Wainwright, Keith Hornsby.