Ital Restaurant, Bradford

29th June, 2007

Would we recognise each other? Would we remember each other? Would there be great lulls in conversation?Any apprehension was soon forgotten as the intervening years seemed to melt away. Long-forgotten events, incidents and individuals were remembered - our First Year in the Annexe; George Pollard’s rusty bike; Alan Woodhead (where are you Alan?) and the steel ruler; the school trips; the dance with the “Blood Group”; the effective and ineffective staff; the eccentric staff; the eccentric pupils; the Staff v. School football and cricket matches ........ Sadly, we remembered fondly those former friends who are now deceased - Richard Thorp, Ron Hardaker, Eddie Close, Noel Isaacs, Paul Lightowlers & Keith Narey. We remembered those with whom we had lost touch, Alan Woodhead being one example, last seen working in Hull in the late 90s. Photos were produced and we tried to remember the names of everyone on them, not always successfully. CJ Smith brought copies of the old school magazine and we smiled at the mention of our “achievements”. Old friendships were renewed and the warmth towards the old school and each other was entirely genuine.


Ital Restaurant, Bradford

26 October 2007

Our second reunion was, again, a very successful evening where old friendships were renewed. Six ‘new boys’ were able to join us and we learned of other possible contacts for the future. Some were instantly recognisable eg Alan Woodhead, whilst it took a little time to identify others.The time passed quickly and the conversations triggered long-forgotten memories.The evening was, of course, tinged with sadness at the news of the recent death of David Swales. We all took time out to reflect on his passing and raised our glasses in his memory.

Here is a selection of photographs taken during the 2007 reunions - click on each image to view a larger version in a new window:

Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007Reunion 2007


Rocca Ristorante, Thornton, Bradford
Friday 8th September 2017

Was it really 10 years since we had the 50th at the Ital in 2007!!

You wouldn’t think so as 18 of us managed once again to recognise each other despite the advancing years, loss of hair in many cases, growth on the chin for others and of course the need for glasses for most of us!  Conversation and memories flowed easily as if we had never been apart.

13 were from the 57 intake, with Mandy Butterfield representing Graham and others from years 54 to 58 fitting in easily.  Janet Townsend (nee Atkinson) was also able to join us later for coffee and to add to the conversation.

The restaurant was busy with quite a buzz about it and although the seating arrangement was not the most conducive to all getting to talk at the table, we did manage to circulate before, during and after the meal - Harry Atkinson at one stage disappearing under the table, emerging, not without difficulty, at the other side to everyone's amusement!  Names were added to old photos we had and the evening passed all too quickly.

All agreed it had been a good night and were keen for it to be repeated at some time in the future – a few felt another 10 years might be pushing it a bit so 5 years hence was suggested and agreed!  Diarise the first Friday in September of 2022 to coincide with the start of another school year.

A few photos were taken, some a bit blurred as the wine took effect, but see who you can recognise from the following attendees:  Les Cousins, Alan Woodhead, Geoff Jowett, Richard Darke, Richard Wainwright, Peter Claughton, David Fuller, Tony Vinette, Peter Foster, Ian Webster, Dave Ham, David Mitchell, Mandy Butterfield, Janet Townsend, Peter Wilkinson, Mike Priestley, Peter Ripley, Richard Walker and Harry Atkinson.

Here is a selection of photographs taken during the 2017 reunion - click on each image to view a larger version in a new window:

Reunion 2017Reunion 2017Reunion 2017Reunion 2017Reunion 2017Reunion 2017Reunion 2017Reunion 2017Reunion 2017


We are indebted to Richard Walker (a Grange 54er) for passing on a copy of the programme for the Centenary Dinner of 2006.

If you have photos of this occasion we shall be pleased to add them to the website.

Centenary Dinner

Centenary Dinner

Centenary Dinner