Speech Day

Speech Day

Or rather, Speech Night.....Recently went to St George’s Hall and was reminded of the hours we sat through Speech Days. The staff and the choir, led by Keith Rhodes, were seated on the stage and we were sat in our appointed places in the stalls. Guest speakers gave, what seemed, very long speeches; prizes were distributed; the choir sang; we clapped a lot; George Pollard gave the Headmaster’s viewpoint; the Head Boy asked for, and was always granted, an additional day’s holiday.

On other occasions we were expected to attend concerts in the afternoon, making our own way there, of course. Please forward your memories of both occasions.

I am indebted to Richard Darke for the copy of the school Speech Day programme of 1965:


City of Bradford Education Committee

The Grange School for Boys

Speech Day

Tuesday 23 rd March 1965

at 7pm

in St George’s Hall, Bradford


The School hymn: ‘These things shall be..’

The Choir: Coronation Anthem -‘I was glad when they said unto me’

The Chairman: Alderman Kathleen Chambers CBE, LLD, JP

Chairman of the School Governors

The Headmaster

The Choir: ‘Corpus Christi Carol’   ‘The Evening Primrose’   ‘The Silver Swan’

Address and Presentation of Awards:

Sir Lionel Russell CBE, MA

Chief Education Officer, City of Birmingham

Vote of Thanks:The Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford

Councillor TE Hall

The Head Prefect

The National Anthem:

Music Master: KV Rhodes B Mus, FRCO

The Year’s Record

GCE Advanced Papers


Close, ES - Third Year Sixth; Cousins, LD - Liverpool University; Firth, KR - Leeds Training College; Hartley, S - Aberystwyth Univ; Johnson, KA - Leeds Training College; Knight, AN - Student Teacher; Lerman, PM ( ‘A’ in Maths, Further Maths, Physics. Distinction in Maths Special Paper) - Trinity College, Cambridge; Wainwright, R - Sheffield University; Whitehead, P (‘A’ in Physics, Distinction in Maths, Special Paper) - King’s College, Cambridge.


Arnott, AMS - Insurance; Birch, B - Third Year Sixth; Butterfield, GD - Birmingham Training Coll; Cummings, GH - 3rd  Yr 6th; Darke, RI (‘A’ in Music) - Bristol University; Ham, DJ - Leeds University; Hardaker, R - Insurance; Hornsby, K - Insurance; Kenzie, G - Birmingham University; Lawrence, JE - Leeds Training Coll; Northin, D - Insurance; Shaw, IDH - Leeds Law School; Sheppard, RG - Culham Training Coll; Stott, D - Insurance; Thorp, RI ( ‘A’ in Latin, French & German) - Leeds University; Walker, H (Distinction in Economics, Special Paper) - Third Year Sixth; Wetherell, TE - Keele University; Whittingham, MB (‘A’ in Geography and French) - Leeds University; Woodhead, AM - Westminster Bank.

Ordinary Papers

5A - Adams, Barthel, Bateman, Bennett, Bullock, Cavanagh, Collinson, Corns, Donlon, Dunn-Birch, Elliott, Fanning, Gilpin, Hardaker, Harrington, Helliwell, Hill, Jowett, Kestin, Kidd, Laycock, Messenger, Rogers, Stanhope, Stanyon, Storey, Sunderland, Thompson, Tiffany, Wilkinson, Wilson, Wormwell

5B - Andrew, Barber, Briggs, Chapman, Dotchin, Durkin, Hammerton, Heppleston, Imeson, Lee, Long, McKinlay, Murie, Nash, Parker, Randall, Rhodes, Shimmin, Slimming D, Slimming N, Smith D, Smith P, Stabb, Taylor, Wright

5C - Barraclough, Brown, Clark, Claughton, Cousins, Crosby, Finch, Hogg, Lawrence, Roantree, Robertshaw, Russell, Thompson, Townsend, Ward, Wilson

The following Sixth Form boys also gained certificates: Bannister, Bateman, Bedford, Briggs, Coultas, Dodds, Eccles, Gill, Goodall, Green, Hewitt, Holland, Horsley, Hullah, McKay, McMillan, Robson, Stewart, Todd, Wilson, Wivell

School Prizes

Honoratus - RI Thorp;

ld Boys’ Award for Sport & Sportmanship - K Hornsby;

Staff Prize (for service to the school) - GD Butterfield:

Hannah Elizabeth Buckle Memorial Prize - PM Lerman;

Harry Swires Thornton Prizes for Geography - MB Whittingham, HJ Hill, TE Wetherell, IDH Shaw;

RE - BA Field;

English - HJ Hill, DJ Buckley, OP Mulka;

History - M Stanhope, P Padgett;

Economics - H Walker;

Latin - RI Thorp;

Modern Languages - RI Thorp, AR Gilpin, GJ Sanders, AC Peel, D Ellis;

Maths - PM Lerman, HJ Hill, P Padgett;

Physics & Chemistry - PM Lerman, P Whitehead, JA Hewitt;

Biology - GD Corns;

Music - GH Cummings;

Art - DJ Buckley, P Padgett;

Handicraft - GD Corns, HJ Hill, JH McKinlay;

Physical Education - D Whitehead

Form Prizes

VI a Mod - RI Thorp; Commended - H Walker

Via Sc - PM Lerman;  P Whitehead

Vib Mod - AC Peel;  JA Stewart

VI b Sc - DE Robson; J Hullah

5A - HJ Hill; PM Barthell, RJ Kidd.

5B - JA Dotchin; BJ Andrew

5C - PR Townsend; B Roantre.

4A - GJ Sanders; J Hutchinson

4Sc - BJ Johnson; EJ Kirkpatrick.

4M - JD Earnshaw; J Redhead

4X - DC Feather; R Jagger.

3A - CD Priestley; AJ Mitchell

3Sc - P Padgett; RJ Stevenson.

3M - TH Northrop; DA Clayton

3X - J Oldridge; P Darby.

2A - OP Mulka; BJ Mitulinski

2B - TS Bean; GH Whieldon.

2C - RA Jones; BJ Lee1H - AH Wright; M Phelps.

1C - GT Brook; G Moses

1B - E Long; KE Smith

In Games we had another reasonably good year. In Football all teams did well but failed at the final hurdle. In Cricket the Under 13s and Senior Teams were undefeated; the Under 13s were cup winners and the Under 15s joint section leaders. In Cross Country we came third in the Boyd Carpenter Competition and we maintained an improvement in Athletics. In Swimming we again won the Grammar Schools’ Championship.G Butterfield played and A Barraclough was reserve for the Bradford Grammar Schools’ Association Football Team that played Glasgow. T Tiffany came 1st in the 100 yards free-style at the Yorkshire Schools’ Championship and third in the English Championships. M Bateman and M Bennett swam for Bradford in the Yorkshire Schools’ Championships

Colours 1963-64

Football (full colours) - K Hornsby, G Butterfield, A Barraclough, D Gomersall, G Newsholme, K Ogden, A Mirfield, B Roantree, TE Wetherell

Cricket (full colours) - G Butterfield, K Ogden, B Bannister, P Foster, B Birch, L Cousins

Athletics (full colours) - K Hornsby, J Brown, A Mirfield, I Shaw, K Storey, T Tiffany

Football (half colours) - C Hayhurst, S Khan, P Crosby, K Narey, C Robertshaw, D Stabb, R Taylor, P Tate, I Shaw, G Wood, J Brown, R Hardaker

Cricket (half colours) - A Arnott, A Barraclough, A Broadbent, I Johnson, S Khan, G Newsholme, D Northin, I McMillan, B Roantree, D Sunderland, G Wilson, G Wood

Athletics (half colours) - T Jowett, P Dodds, K Firth, P Clapham, B Johnson

Swimming (full colours) - M Bateman, T Tiffany, M Bennett, G Green; (half colours) - A Dixon

Chess (half colours) - A Arnott, I Johnson, B Bannister, G Wood, K Ogden, K Hornsby, P Myatt, I McMillan

Royal Life Saving Awards 1963-64:

Bronze Cross - G Wood, P Ripley, G Lee, D Hill;

Award of Merit - M Siswick, M Bennett

The Inter-House Shield was won by North House, the Hayes Cup for School Work by North House and the Old Boys’ Cup for Games by East House

Hymn: ‘These things shall be'

These things shall be: a loftier race
Than e’er the world hath known shall rise,
With flame of freedom in their souls,
And light of knowledge in their eyes.

They shall be gentle, brave and strong
To spill no drop of blood, but dare
All that may plant man’s lordship firm
O’er earth and fire, and sea and air.

Nation with nation, land with land,
Inarm’d shall live as comrades free:
In every heart and brain shall throb
The pulse of one fraternity.

Man shall love man with hearts as pure
And fervent as the young -ey’d throng
Who chant their heav’nly psalms before
God’s face with undiscordant song.

New arts shall bloom of loftier mould,
And mightier music thrill the skies,
And ev’ry life shall be a song,
When all the earth is paradise.

There shall be no more sin, nor shame,
Though pain and passion may not die:
For man shall be at one with God
In bonds of firm necessity


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