Clubs & Societies 1959

1959 Magazine Reports

Chess Club

‘The popularity of such a contemplative and intellectual game as chess among our noisy young extroverts is a phenomenon which never ceases to amaze us. Lunch-time meetings, under the supervision of Mr Reynolds, have been held regularly during the Christmas and Easter terms and have been very well attended.

The knock-out tournament for the “Silver King” trophy attracted a record entry of 120 boys. Dixon (5A) was the winner, beating Hoddy (6A) in a hard fought final.’

Junior Debating Society

‘Regular meetings have again been held during the the first two terms of the year. Messrs Hardcastle, Baines and Jackson presiding in turn. Several of our members are by now “old hands”, and a distinct improvement in the standard of the speeches has been evident this session. (Ronnie) Farley in particular is never at a loss for words, whether in the society or out of it.’

Ronnie, of course, used his verbal skills to good effect years later as a Bradford councillor.

Dramatic Society

‘We staged two plays as our contribution to the annual “Entertainment”; Mr Jackson’s team of third-form Oliviers staged an amusing performance of AA Milne’s Ruritanian comedy, “The Ugly Duckling”. Farley, in the main part of the King, played with great gusto....... but we think the palm should go to our three female impersonators, Fisher, Lussey and Lusby.

The senior play was an edited version of Marlowe’s “Dr Faustus”. It had long been Mr Hardcastle’s ambition to stage this play, and the appointment of Mr Baines to our teaching staff at last meant that we had an actor ready to hand to carry this exacting part.. Tate did well with the important role of Mephistophilis. Pedder, Aspinall and Lawson played the supporting characters.’

Senior Forum

‘The autumn term saw the introduction of a sixth form discussion society. With the capable hands of Mr Hardcastle at the helm, the society was steered through the waters, often stormy, of a variety of controversial topics. Guest speakers included Mr Reynolds, who concerned with developments in Cyprus, put the cat among the pigeons with a talk; “The British - are they brutal?” Mr Baines, who discussed conditions in the modern theatre; Mr Green on Modern Art and Mr Rhodes on Modern Music; and our Headmaster who attempted to destroy most of our illusions with regard to our national character.’

Film Society

‘The Society has just completed another very successful season (November - February). Membership has reached a still higher level at 247, which includes the boys as far down as Form 2, and the girls of Forms 5 & 6.......

The members of the Girls’ School, conducted by the Headmistress and several of her staff, have proved a most welcome addition in recent years. It would be churlish not to admit at the outset that the girls have helped us considerably in our financial difficulties. They have, more importantly, contributed a feeling of completeness to the assembly, a feeling that the schools are working in co-operation. Their dignified entry, most decorous presence, and stately leave-taking have contributed not a little to the general excellent atmosphere. On two occasions we have been able to welcome visiting parties from Hanson and Bolling Girls.’

Twelve films were shown during the year, including two film lectures, “African Safari” and “Destination Cape Town”. The Society also assisted the English Department by showing to a four-school audience the English set book films, “Great Expectations” and “Julius Caesar”.

1959 GCE Results

I am indebted to Richard Walker  (Grange ‘54er) for the cut-out from the Bradford Telegraph & Argus in August 1959.

1959 GCE Results