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Miscellaneous Photos

Lucerne 1960Trip to Lucerne 1960

The staff included Messrs Baines (later of “Look North” fame) & Pullan

Pupils included (ones we can recognise): Darke, Gill, Hartley, Swales, Johnson x 2, Hill, Bannister, Hornsby, Kenzie, Newsholme, Woodhead, Lambert, Jowett, Chapman, Cousins, Ham, Moore, Cummings, Knight, Close.

If you recognise others, let us know.


Room 13


Room 13

L to R

Kenyon, Sellars, Dalby, Raper, Denning







After ‘A’ levels 1962

L to R

?, Dalby, Rudd, Boldy, Denning, Sellars, Arnott

Thanks to Peter Wilkinson for providing this photo.




Rhodes Tour


W H Rhodes Tour to Canada 1961

Peter Wilkinson (third from right) was reserve.The Grange representative was Anthony Tordoff (bottom left)

Thanks to Peter Wilkinson for providing this photo.




Blackpool1960 6th Form Trip to Blackpool

L to R:

Richard Walker, Ian Porchetta, Brian Tate (Head Boy), David Redman, Rodney Bedford, Geoffrey Mosley, Eddy Wood




Science 19606th Form Science in Physics lab

L to R:Ian Porchetta, Richard Walker, Harry Atkinson, Peter Riley, Barry Wood, Alan Rudd.