The First Year

We arrived in September 1957 complete with brand new uniforms, including caps and short trousers, along with new leather satchels.

Our first class was 1H with Mr Jackson and we were housed in a classroom in the Annexe with other First Year classes. New subjects were introduced such as French, Physics and Chemistry. We learned the names of staff such as “Killer”, “Butch” and “Big Jim” and were afraid. With the odd exception these fears were to prove unfounded. Didn’t the Sixth Form seem really grown up? We felt in awe of them. Is that how new starters saw us when we reached the Sixth Form?

New friendships were quickly formed, many of which, like ours, have stood the test of time.

Other new experiences included proper Games lessons with “Killer” Rodley which proved very disappointing because we had football coaching but no game for months! We also had proper changing rooms with showers and a bath. These were luxuries compared with Graham’s previous junior school.

School dinners were also a new experience but rarely enjoyable. We were always anxious to get back outside and play football on the “Tip”. Shoes were always cleaned with a paper towel before going home in the evening.


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