Junior Choir 1960

Choir Photos

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Choir 1958

Choir - approx 1958

Faces we can identify:

G Kenzie, D Mitchell, R Overton, K Firth, R Darke, P Whitehead, G Cummings, P LightowlersM Sunderland, A Dean, Searle, B Birch, I Webster, D FullerR Thorp, D Ham, E Close.

If you know the identities of others, please let us know.

Choir 1958

Choir - again, approx 1958

Those that can be identified include:

Firth, Vinette, Wilkinson, Lerman, Northin, Overton, Mitchell, Fuller, Birch, Sunderland, Kenzie, Whitehead, Webster, M Foster, Close, Darke, Ham

Choir 1958

Photo of choir in 1958

Kindly supplied by P Butterfield (Grange 55er)

Names of those recognised:

Arundel, Roberts, Butterfield P, Farley,Northin G, Priestley. If you can name others, please let us know.

Choir 1959

School Choir at the Wharfedale Festival, Ilkley

Photo taken c 1959

Faces that we can recognise:

J Lawrence, P Lerman, D Fuller, A Mirfield,R Darke, E Close, D Ham, M Foster, I Webster,T Vinette, D Northin, R Overton, B Birch, A Guy,G Cummings, D Mitchell, G Hargreaves,G Holdsworth

Choir 1959


J Lawrence, A Dean, R Overton, B Birch,I Webster, P Lerman, M Foster, D Stowell,D Ham, A Mirfield, D Northin, P Lightowlers, H Hill, P Dunbirch, R Parker, R Rhodes, M Stanhope & P Cavanagh

Again, if you know the names of others, let us know.

Junior Choir 1960

Junior Choir 1960 (Photo kindly supplied by Rod Ashworth)

Choir Trip

Choir trip to the seaside

featuring Mr K Rhodes and Mr P Jackson entertaining R Darke, D Ham and others.

Choir Trip

Same trip, featuring Mr B Baines & Mr P Jackson

Choirs 1961

Post Wharfedale Festival 1961

Cutting kindly provided by Hector Hill, a Grange 59er


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Choir Lunchtime Concert

The choir after a Lunchtime Concert at St George's Hall, Bradford - about 1958 or 1959

Photo kindly provided by Rod Ashworth


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